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EDSPORA is a white-label open source solution designed to adopt your Organization.

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You like Our Platform

You have viewed our platform and would like to create your own unique platform for your club and available to YOUR members only. 

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You want to Edit

No problem. Our production team have the ability to customize our platform and add your logo, colors and your organization’s information. We can also create a stand-alone website. 

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We can help you

We will help you configure the website to allow your members to communicate and learn while under your brand/logo. 

* Please note – if you intent to use any copyrighted material to seek the authors permission first. If you send it to us, we are agreeing that you have checked with the author first. 

A Step-By-Step Roadmap To Success

One-Stop Website Creation

Our experienced team of strategists, curriculum authors, designers and developers will become YOUR course development team 

Course and Data Import

Creating default data is helpful if you’ve just installed the EDSPORA platform, allowing you to test and play around with dummy information like default groups, forums, members and activity while we work on your site.


Manage font, colors, logos, cover photos, and more to match your company’s branding.

Theme Layouts

EDSPORA is designed with flexibility to allow you the freedom to fully customize it for your project’s requirements.

Custom Headers

Choose your header’s layout, style, colors, text, navigation menu, and more easily from within the BuddyBoss theme options.


Although the EDSPORA Platform displays in U.S. English by default, the theme has the built-in capability to be used in any language.


Customize your courses with as many lessons, topics, quizzes, and assignments as you want. There’s no limit to the flexibility of your learning environment.

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