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How To Use EDSPORA In Sports Organizations

The path to becoming an Elite Athlete requires a mixture of important ingredients that may vary according to the sport and the individual athlete. Ultimately, for many, the path is navigated through deliberate play and involvement in various learning methods (both on and off the field), developed through a commitment of deliberate practice, and reinforced by support, resources, motivation and effort.

Edspora’s platform also enables athletes to accelerate their development with off the field activities and has been proven with our grassroots organizations in helping with recruitment and retention of their athletes.

Virtual learning Platform

Blended Learning

A system that combines online learning with field-based instruction. Online learning allows students to study away from the field and this helps accelerate their understanding and better utilizes a coaches’ time. It gives athletes an element of control and ownership over how, when and where they work.

Meet Athletes Where They Are

Today’s athletes are more attached to screens than ever before. Studies show that Generation Z spends more than six hours each day on the internet, texting or engaging on social media. This generation prefers to be engaged with a smart­phone or tablet and responds best to visual stimuli.

Course Development

We have many tools for creating dynamic, interactive, and engaging online courses. Coaches can help athletes truly learn the ins and outs of the game by combining their knowledge with the benefits of online courses. Online courses aren’t a replacement for coaching it simply drives home coaches’ points, allowing for faster and deeper comprehension.

A Personalized Approach

Online education harnesses the power of technology to provide young elite athletes with the opportunity to be taught by qualified teachers, online in real-time. Matthew Syed, a writer on high performance sport, argues that “child prodigies do not have unusual genes; they have unusual upbringings”.

Learn From Anywhere

Edspora is used by many organizations to onboard new-hires. If you’ve worked for a medium to large organization, your onboarding process likely consisted of a fat stack of papers crammed into a 5 ½ binder. What a great way to be welcomed to a company!

Creating an Online Hub

Edspora integrates all types of activities including virtual classrooms, forums, and courses. This creates a centralized eLearning hub eliminates the need for remembering multiple passwords and makes life easy for athletes, admin, coaches, and parents!

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