A simple way to import your members

Importing Members

Before you import, make sure you have signed your team or Organization up for one of one of Plans on our register page - if you have carry on!

Need Help? Download our CSV template to make sure your CSV is formatted correctly. 

Click or drag a file to this area to upload.

Notification You will receive an email notification once the users are imported. Once uploaded, your new members will receive a notification with their login information. 

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Helpful Video on Importing

This video will help you regarding importing your members. If you still have questions, please click the button below.

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Creating Usernames

You probably have your members in an excel file or google doc already, here is an easy way to create usernames for each of them.

You need a couple of codes (watch the video and then use these codes):

First Code: =C2&””&D2 or use =C2&D2

Second Code: =LOWER(A2) 

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