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What is the EDSPORA Learning Platform?

EDSPORA’s Platform is powered by Moodle. Moodle is the world’s most widely used Learning Management System (LMS). This platform empowers millions of educators and learners to improve our world, in every country. We currently have over 210 courses and articles inside our platform. Our course creators (like Maria in the video), have the ability to create their own courses and share them inside our platform. If you are interested in creating courses, please check out our instructor page. You also have the ability to create specific content for your organization and team.

Flexible, Modular LMS

EDSPORA allows users to extend functionality and incorporate additional third-party solutions and plugins to create a flexible, personalised, open-sourced LMS designed to reach specific eLearning goals in every sector of learning.

Superior Product & Functionality capabilities

Whether you need customized grading rubrics or learning on the go with EDSPORA Mobile, the EDSPORA Platform has what you need. Outside of EDSPORA’s core functionality, you can choose from thousands of free plugins created and supported by the open-source community. Our platform is an incredibly robust platform, offering endless possibilities for your learning needs.

Powerful, safe, and secure eLearning

With over 175 million learners, EDSPORA’s LMS is backed by a large community of developers constantly looking for ways to enhance the eLearning experience. Our platform regularly upgrades with new and improved features, including improvements to the user interface, admin experience, user-requested features, any necessary security patches, and more. Our authentication process also allows for a seamless user experience.

Our Platform in Action

We provide support for students and faculty participating in online learning. Our platform is currently being used by organizations all around the world. See our platform in action. 

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